Stephanie Crispinelli

February 15, 1990 - January 12, 2010



On January 12, 2010 Stephanie's life was tragically cut short by the Haiti Earthquake. Stephanie was 19 years old. She was traveling on the "Journey of Hope" mission with two professors and 11 classmates from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Stephanie was a sophomore majoring in Human Services.

Stephanie was in Haiti doing what she enjoyed most: working and caring for the poorest of the poor. Stephanie was committed to helping poor, hungry, and disadvantaged children around the globe. Stephanie leaves behind family and friends who love her dearly as well as others that may have only known her beautiful smile.

Many have indicated a desire to help. We have established The Stephanie Crispinelli Humanitarian Fund in partnership with the Westchester Community Foundation.  Donations are 100% tax deductible.  All funds raised will be used to continue Stephanie’s passion for helping the poor by supporting non-profit, US-based charities.

Immediate plans for the Stephanie Crispinelli Humanitarian Fund is to provide scholarships for students to participate in humanitarian missions. It also sponsors Stephanie's Caring Bears to children suffering injury or trauma. The fund will pay to construct an elementary school in a poverty-stricken Jamaican town twice visited by Stephanie on humanitarian trips.

Events others have planned to support Stephanie's Mission:

Spirit of the Red Cross Heroes Breakfast (Video)

Somers Softball Party

Ongoing projects dedicated to Stephanie

Steph's Place

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Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. They are deeply appreciated.

With Love,

Lin, Lenny, Mike & Nick


by Jenna Constantino

We celebrated her life in the beginning
We are celebrating her life now
But Stephanie celebrated life in the middle
And here’s a glimpse into how

She loved her family deeply
And kept them close to her heart
Even when she was miles away
They were never really far apart

She didn’t take life too seriously
And made it a priority to have fun
She was silly and crazy
Her smile bright like the sun

She wasn’t afraid to be different
Her hair always a wild hue
Black, blonde, blue and red
She was always up to try something new

She broadened her horizons
And bravely traveled to far away lands
To feed the poor and hungry
And extend her helping hands

She cared for those in need
And made this world a better place
Through grand acts of kindness
And small ones like a warm embrace

We must always remember her mission
And carry it on the best we can
Help those less fortunate
Let's finish what she began

Let’s continue her journey of hope
Let’s do this together
And the memory of Stephanie
Will live on forever